The Bhut Jolakia, better know as the "Ghost Chile," is beyond extremely hot. This recipe is NOT for the timid and not for the kids. Seriously, hide this from children. Enjoy! (Cautiously!)

The Habanero chile is delightfully hot. It's also just plain delightful. Its signature heat is balanced perfectly by the Habanero's natural citrusy flavor for a hot, bright, crisp flavor. If you like hot stuff, you'll love this salsa.

The molcajeta is a traditional Mexican stone tool used for grinding. The crisp Serrano and citrusy Pequin peppers give this salsa a fresh-from-the molcajeta taste with just the right amount of bite.

The famous Hatch green chile owes its delicious taste to the unique soil and growing conditions in New Mexico's Hatch River Valley. We owe the delicious taste of this recipe to the Hatch chile!

With roasted tomatoes, roasted onions, roasted jalapeno peppers and the trifecta of chiles - Ancho, Arbol & Guajillo - this salsa is for the chile pepper lover! We could try to explain the art and science that went into creating this delicious combination, or you could just trust us and have a taste!

The famous Hatch Green Chile owes its subtly sweet, spicy, and smily taste to the unique soil and growing conditions in New Mexico’s Hatch River Valley.  We owe the delicious taste of this salsa to the Hatch Green Chile. Enjoy!

Every street-side vendor has a secret sauce that keeps people coming back for more.  So do we. Enjoy!

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